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Why the LXP is Revolutionary

The LXP is not evolutionary, it’s revolutionary.Blog Transformation-1

The Learning Experience Platform (LXP) evolved from the Learning Management System (LMS).

But the LXP is not evolutionary, it’s revolutionary.

LXPs are revolutionizing the learning and development industry by shifting the focus of learning from management to experience: they are redefining how training is created, curated, delivered, recommended, and consumed. This increased emphasis on the learner experience means many organizations need to update their approach to competency profiles, content creation and orchestration, and data-driven ROI metrics.

The long-term benefits of a focus on learners include employee retention, enhanced workplace culture, and increased productivity, but there is important work to do in the short term to build the foundations of a successful learning experience.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways LXPs are changing the learning game:

Mobile first

LXPs arrived around 2013, years after the introduction of smartphones and tablets. That means they were designed with a mobile-first approach to user experience. The LMS, in contrast, was built for housing, delivering, and managing lengthy eLearning courses.

Experience: From push to pull

In an LXP, learning is no longer “pushed” to learners but is “pulled” by them as needed in the flow of work. While this seems like a small adaptation, it changes the way organizations need to think about content creation, orchestration, and recommended learning paths.

Competency profiles: Identifying skill gaps and creating paths to mastery

LXPs feature AI and machine learning as part of their recommendation engines, but they need information to do so intelligently. That means competency and user profiles are essential to know what your learners need and how they can access content that gives them a path to mastery.

Content creation

If content is to be “pulled” as learners work, it needs to be suitable for this kind of learning. That means breaking lengthy content into bite-sized microlearning assets and tagging them appropriately.

Orchestration: Continually updated

Self-directed learning alters the role of content curator/orchestrator. Instructional designers are evolving into “experience” designers, orchestrating a seamless flow of relevant, up-to-date content to learners.

Learning recommendations: How to weight your content

Your learning material will likely combine custom eLearning, off-the-shelf content, and maybe even user-generated content. You will need to decide how to weight your content accordingly to make sure your recommendation engines suggest the most relevant training.

Data-driven strategy

xAPI capabilities, combined with a learning record store (LRS), provides access to all kinds of data. xAPI moves way beyond SCORM capabilities and help you identify performance indicators that demonstrate a return on your learning assets and plan accordingly for future investments.

Foundations for Success

Given that change is no longer optional in the post-pandemic era, many organizations face the task of wholesale changes to the way they deliver learning. That can seem daunting, particularly given the chasm between what we did (LMS) and what we do (experience-centric learning).

However, digital transformation is systematic. While you can’t simply turn on an LXP and expect everything to change, there are foundations to building a future-ready learning program.

Right now, we are working some of the world’s leading global organizations to help them prepare for the future (and the present!) of learning. Given the speed of change in the industry, we are offering a free initial “Experience Readiness” consultation to any organization looking to enhance or transform their learning program. If this is of interest, get in touch now to schedule a time to talk.


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