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Why Temp? The Top 7 Advantages of Temp Work for Candidates


Temping is often seen by candidates as a weak option, rather than being recognised for the tremendous opportunities it presents. Here are our top 7 reasons why we think candidates should consider temping:

  1. Flexibility – an advantage of temping that is often given by those that choose this option is the flexibility it provides for the temp. Very often there is flexibility with regard to duration of contract and this can be beneficial for fitting work around other commitments that you may have. Depending on the role/organisation, flexibility in working hours can be offered too.
  1. Filling a gap – sometimes people find themselves faced with a gap between roles or before doing other things in their lives – such as travelling or resuming studies, or even during a process of career change. Temping is a superb option for filling that gap and ensuring that you retain an income during that time.
  1. Gaining skills and experience – one key advantage of temping is that you can gain invaluable skills and experience that you might not have otherwise had the chance of doing. Often when temping you may be brought in to do one role but if you show your worth you may be asked to help out in other areas, broadening your experience and skillset.
  1. Broader exposure – a massive benefit of temping is the wide exposure that temps gain. They get to work in a range of different sectors and industries that provide a multitude of different products and services to businesses and consumers. They also work within different organisational cultures and meet/work with people from all walks of life. It is difficult to imagine any other method of gaining such a breadth of exposure, all of which that is beneficial for your CV.
  2. Working on ‘dream’ projects – in some cases, doing a temp role might afford you the chance to work on a ‘dream’ project that you might not otherwise have had access to with your skills and experience. This can be extremely important experience for helping you advance in your chosen career in the future.
  3. Networking – temping provides an excellent opportunity for networking within a sector that you are interested in. When you are at an organisation working every day, you can make new contacts and build up your network. These contacts may come in very useful in the future when you are seeking other job roles, and a broad and robust network is invaluable for growing careers.
  4. A foot in the door – temping roles do have the potential to become permanent positions. If that is of interest to you, making a great impression could lead to your temp position becoming a permanent position. Since as a temp you are already in the role proving yourself, you stand a very good chance of getting the job if it does turn permanent.

SureSkills has a variety of temp options available and places temp candidates across a range of different sectors and roles. If you want to gain all the benefits of some time temping, why not get in touch?


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