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What Makes SureSkills Resource Placement Different?


Every recruitment company thinks that they are different from the last. However, not all of them are connected to Ireland’s largest technical training and certification firm and have 30 years of experience working alongside the type of candidates you are hoping to hire.

SureSkills Resource Placement is actually different, but not just because of those facts listed above. In fact, the nine reasons we have listed below barely scratch the surface of why we can uniquely help you, the prospective employer, find the perfect fit for your organisation.

1. 30 Years of Technical Experience

For those of you who are unaware, SureSkills is much more than simply recruitment. We specialise in recruitment, technical IT consultancy, service management, and IT infrastructure training.

And we have been building our contacts, expertise, and reputation by successfully working alongside some of the world's leading companies since 1993.

Over that time, we have enhanced our overall knowledge in the field and helped to supply the highest calibre staff to large corporate companies such as Capita, Amundi Asset Management, and the CSO.

2. Four Divisions That Leverage Different Skills

Our organisation is split into four divisions, as listed above. Each of these leverage skills and expertise from the other in a collaborative manner. Because of the varied nature of our work, we’ve got an unrivalled insight into the culture and the technical environment of IT companies.

Our recruitment team understands the proficiencies required to work within technical roles. However, they are also able to embrace the knowledge of the other divisions within our organisation.

Thus, our understanding of the candidates who will best fit into a technical role is second to none.

3. We Understand Specialist Roles

Our main area of expertise is focused on supplying high-quality infrastructure candidates on either a contract or permanent basis, thus making SureSkills Resource Placement a name that’s trusted by employees and employers alike.

When you need to fill open vacancies for leadership roles like IT director and CTO, we can help expand your infrastructure group with consultants or engineers or grow your software development team with project managers. We also source technically qualified candidates, fully proficient in the latest skills and languages.

Roles we have successfully recruited for recently include:

  • IT Support/ Service Desk Engineers
  • Software Engineering/ DevOps
  • Infrastructure
  • IT & Project Management
  • Head of IT/ CTO

4. A Unique Touch

We are not the biggest recruitment company in the world, nor do we want to be.

One of the key values of working with us is that we appreciate you. We are happy to spend time discussing the various elements of recruitment and how we can both create a smoother hiring process for you and your organisation.

Rather than seeking to expand by always looking for the ‘next client,’ we want to expand through the reputation we gain from dealing with our current partners.

5. A Pool of Unique and Mobile Talent

On top of our organisation’s shared knowledge and proven track record, we also have an extensive pool of qualified candidates whom we have previously worked with.

Our focus on both the client and the candidate has left us with a unique list of talented professionals with the necessary skills and expertise. This, along with our position as Ireland’s largest technical Training & Certification firm, has helped us build a strong brand amongst IT professionals.

This is incredibly useful, as a key part of our strategy is to consistently engage with passive candidates.

These candidates represent 80% of the market and are people who are not applying for jobs, so are more discerning about the opportunities that they apply for. There are fewer time wasters in this segment and more of the type of people who can become valued members of your team.

6. We Know How to Find New Talent

Of course, as well as conducting outreach to our network of potentially suitable candidates, we also set ourselves apart by constantly looking for ways to find new talent. One such way is by advertising roles across various online paid and unpaid platforms. We do this as part of our service with no extra cost to your business.

We also utilise the professional search tool on LinkedIn to ensure that our contacts are unrestricted, and we can find the best match for your requirement, irrespective of where they are based. The methods we use to find talent are as plentiful and as varied as the roles we fill.

7. A Thorough Screening Process

We take great pride in ensuring that all candidates are interviewed and screened thoroughly before a shortlist is generated and sent to you. When we send you a CV, it has already been through a series of checks with our resource placement team to ensure you are getting the highest quality candidates available.

This shortlist usually comprises about three to five candidates for each job. When you decide the right candidate for you, we also conduct in-depth reference checks on those successful candidates

8. Extra In-depth Checks

Not only that, but our unique position also allows us to operate collaboratively with our consultancy division to provide additional checks on our candidates to ensure that their skill set is appropriate for your requirements.

This is not an option with other resource placement organisations and one we are proud to offer to all clients at no extra cost.

9. Invested In Your Success

Getting the right people for your team can be a tiresome process, but it doesn’t have to be one.

Our experienced in-house technology consultants and double verification processes filter a highly targeted shortlist of candidates, matched to your specific needs.

SureSkills Resource Placement has been working in this area for 30 years, so we know the best ways to find the best candidates, and we want to share that insight with you.


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