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What are Virtual Labs? Safe, scalable, cloud-native training.

What are Virtual Labs? Blog Virtual Labs Benefits

When it comes to learning new software and IT skills, there is simply no substitute for practical, hands-on training. Virtual lab environments have provided a much-needed antidote to the many problems with on-site software training.

Because virtual labs are live environments, you can empower learners to learn by doing without the crippling fear of negatively impacting the production environment. This allows them to feel more prepared for real-world training problems and also enhances engagement and knowledge retention.

What are virtual labs?

A virtual lab is a live environment where learners can experience the same software they will use in their job. It is not a simulation – it is the actual product, but in a non-production environment where users can experiment without affecting the actual production environment.

Virtual labs are the antidote to the challenges of traditional software training models – they are practical, hands-on, immersive learning environments that lead to better training results. It empowers learners to learn by doing, which, in turn, improves engagement and knowledge retention rates.

Learners will also feel more prepared for their role having experienced live, real-world training problems that will reflect the challenges they might face. This can lead to longer term job satisfaction and employee retention.

Why do I need virtual labs?

People learn by doing. For that reason, it’s hard to teach technical skills the same way you teach soft skills. In-person training at physical training locations were the status quo – but travel, accommodations, and extensive set-up caused major problems for training delivery.

Labs give you hands-on practice in a live environment so you can experience real-world scenarios to learn a service, practice a usecase, or prepare for a role. They combine the ease of use of online classes with the power and flexibility of the latest technology.

Rather than travel to a central location, learners can use their own devices to log in to a remote computer where they can input commands and access a powerful remote workstation equipped with the software they need to train on. Instructors can see progress in real time and learners get constant feedback while applying their skills in real-world scenarios.

If you’d like to learn more or speak to a member of our team, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We provide free initial consultations to investigate if virtual labs might be an appropriate solution for you and your team. Or, to learn more, download the free Virtual Labs eBook using the button below.

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