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Travelling through a Digital Airport

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Travelling through a Digital Airport


With the summer holiday season just on the horizon, many of us are considering if we should travel and where should we go?

Then there is the thought of being locked inside an aircraft for a few hours, along with the queues and crowds in the actual airport (and having to comply with all the new, and rapidly changing, health regulations) and finally the long wait to board before I can really relax and start my vacation…

Looking at flight options (and airports), and I noticed that Belfast City Airport is about to have an upgrade to 5G, and wondered what else could be included in the upgrade to make the airport experience amazing..?


There are some interesting and useful services from AWS that someone with a bit of lateral thinking could deploy to make my airport experience WOW! Seeing as Belfast City Airport will soon be upgraded, we could add Accenture’s 5G Edge Powered Connected Airport Service.


The Connected Airport solution uses facial recognition (AWS DeepLens) at various points in the airport terminal and automatically checks passengers onto their booked flights (minimising check in delays and queues) and allows self-service luggage check in. Passengers experience a faster   security screening process with real-time comparison with stored biometric data.

The Connected Airport design implements AWS Sumarian, AWS Polly and AWS Lex coupled with AWS Cognito (mobile authentication) to assist with airport navigation and services and can direct travellers to their requested destinations (such as their correct departure gates, lounges, retail outlets, or restaurants) and can issue timely text and voice alerts to ensure no more missed flights!

The future of digital travel is already available, all I need is for my local airport to implement the new travel experience, so my holiday begins when I arrive at the airport and not when I get onto my flight! I’m already dreaming of arriving at an airport with features like the new Terminal 4 at Changi Airport: https://www.arup.com/projects/changi-airport-terminal-4


Interested in just how the Connected Airport Service is architected (and want to design something along the lines of customer experience)..? Then do have a read of this highly informative article. https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/apn/transforming-the-traveling-experience-with-accenture-5g-smart-airport-assistant-and-amazon-ar-vr/


All you need to start your personal journey in designing your own customer experience solution are some technical skills, some hands-on practice, and some knowledge. Talk with us at SureSkills, we are Irelands’ Premier AWS Training Partner, we have the skills, we have the knowledge, and we deliver the best training experience.


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