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Total Economic Impact study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of AWS launched


Save time and money with AWS Cloud Operations

AWS Cloud Operations can optimize IT to improve management, security, and operations, and deliver faster environment creation and application development. This can contribute to increased revenue through improved user experience and decreased time-to-market.

According to a commissioned Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact study conducted on behalf of AWS, a composite organization with an optimized cloud environment is able to achieve the following over a three-year period:

  • Attain a 241% return on investment (ROI)
  • Save $3.1 million with faster deployment of workloads to production
  • Reduce downtime, avoiding significant lost revenue of $7.8 million
  • Improve workload management through AWS services utilization, enabling cost savings of $3.4 million

If you want to operate securely and safely in the cloud, at scale, read the The Total Economic Impact Of AWS Cloud Operations to better understand the value of leveraging AWS Cloud Operations. 

Click on the link here to go to the AWS site to register and download the  report. 



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