The top features of a Learning Experience Platform (LXP)

The top features of a Learning Experience Platform. 
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Learning experience platforms (LXPs) are revolutionizing the learning technology market. Studies indicate as many as 50% of organizations have plans to introduce some kind of learning experience technology in the next 24 months.

This is largely due to the consumer-grade experience they offer, satisfying learners' need for intelligent learning recommendations in the flow of work.

To get a sense of why LXPs are so hot right now, here’s a look at the top features of a learning experience platform:

  • Consumer-grade experience: We have been conditioned to expect the utmost convenience from our technology. Google, for example, makes search seamless and Netflix recommends our next show before we know about it. Learning experience platforms provide the convenience of every-day tech in the workplace, replacing cumbersome LMSs geared more towards administrators than learners.

  • Personalization: Learners can choose their own learning paths, create their own content, even manage their own careers. LXPs are built from a learner’s perspective and allow a highly customized, self-directed learning experience.

  • Intelligent recommendations: LXPs use AI and machine learning (ML) to recommend relevant content in the flow of work, just like Netflix suggests new content based on your profile and previously watched shows. These systems consider your role, past content, career aspirations, and a host of other factors when presenting you with the learning you need right within the tools you use every day (Slack, Teams, etc.). 

  • Skills Frameworks: Intelligent skills dictionaries let you create competency frameworks to benchmark performance, outline excellence profiles, and map learning paths to mastery. This empowers learners to take control of their own learning paths while bridging skills gaps and moving forward in their careers.

  • Advanced Analytics: LXP analytics move well beyond SCORM data points that focus on completion to deliver dynamic analytics across multiple content types. It also pulls in data from additional sources such as Salesforce to enhance the measurement possibilities and offer actionable insights to your learning teams.

The LXP market has matured significantly in the last couple of years and continues to refine how content is recommended to learners increasingly reliant on self-directed learning.

Coupled with the rise of AI and machine learning, LXPs are primed to take a significant bite out of the multi-billion dollar LMS market.  


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