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Top 5 benefits of AWS Skill Builder for Teams


While cloud technology makes innovation possible, it’s people who make it happen. Invest in your workforce with cloud training to accelerate business transformation. Unlock the full value of Amazon Web Services (AWS) with a subscription to AWS Skill Builder, our online learning center. Teams can access a variety of learning experiences to build practical skills and cloud expertise critical to your organization to reduce costs, increase security, become more agile, and innovate faster.

1. Accelerate business transformation

Drive critical skills to achieve your organizational goals by assigning training and curated learning plans. Track progress as teams dive into hands-on labs, game-based learning, builder challenges, and enhanced exam prep resources with practice materials—all built by the experts at AWS.

2. Encourage hands-on experience

Teams can build and implement AWS services with hands-on lab experience in an AWS Management Console environment without risk of disruptions or unanticipated expenses. Learners follow step-by-step instructions and develop practical experience they can apply right away.

3. Develop expertise in key roles and industries

Teams can practice creating advanced solutions for common use cases within their role or industry with guided solution-building assignments. Learners can also earn official AWS digital badges to share with their network.

4. Motivate teams with collaborative learning and friendly competition

Develop expertise with problem-solving skills and open-ended cloud challenges. Engage teams with interactive learning sessions and game-based friendly competitions to encourage shared learning, creativity, and trust.

5. Fast-track career development for team members

Help your workforce earn AWS Certifications to showcase their expertise and accelerate their career growth. Get employees ready with AWS Certification Official Practice Question Sets and Exam Prep courses and AWS Certification Official Practice Exams. Provide the in-depth experience necessary for exam day success.

Accelerate your innovation efforts with an AWS Skill Builder Team subscription

Innovation is accelerating at lightning speed. With an AWS Skill Builder Team subscription, your teams can gain cloud proficiency to leverage next-generation technology to its full potential. Equip your organization with unlimited access to 600+ on-demand courses, 1,000+ lab experiences, digital instructor-led training, immersive simulations, and team challenges to supercharge innovation efforts and spur business growth.

AWS Training Partners are trusted by AWS to offer official AWS Digital Training authored by AWS. Your team can develop in-demand AWS skills when and where they want with our online platform.

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