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Remote Working and the Cloud

Blog- VMWare and Remote Working

Like many other people, the ability to continue working from home (or any other remote location) has been vital for me during the pandemic lockdown. If there was one thing that I was extremely grateful for, it was having had all the necessary equipment, technology and additional home office space needed to be able to work just as effectively from home as being physically in the office.


However, I know of many companies and IT departments who initially struggled to meet with the demands of this new enforced working situation, and many that still battle with the day-to-day support requirements of remote workers. Laptop and accessory sales soared initially as IT departments placed orders for equipment to facilitate online meetings and remote working, and many companies found themselves upgrading their services for their remote worker needs.


For those companies who had adopted a cloud solution the effects of the lockdown on the deployment, maintenance and ongoing support of their virtual infrastructure was negligible. The processes used to deploy, configure, maintain their fleet of virtual servers and virtual desktops remained the same, the only difference being the location of their IT employees. By implementing a VMware solution, the actual location of the physical hardware is irrelevant – all that is needed is (secure) client access.


It seems unlikely that businesses will ever return to a fully fixed-location model. Even as the safe return to the physical workplace becomes a reality, remote work has earned a permanent place in the employment mix. This year it is expected that businesses will move from simply supporting remote work to truly becoming distributed work-from-anywhere organizations. Returning to the office will not mean returning to the old way of doing things. Investing in technology and a long-term strategy will play a huge role in bringing back a stronger, more focused, and more resilient organization. An integrated workforce solution enables enterprises to embrace a distributed work strategy, but this must be done through a secure, scalable, and unified digital infrastructure.


A VMware solution is the one constant that allows companies to deliver a truly exceptional integrated digital workforce solution. There are many facets to VMware’s offerings; from Hyperconverged Infrastructure (compute, network and storage virtualisation) to Cloud Management (automation, management and deployment) to App Modernisation (containers and container management) to Digital Workspace (desktop and app virtualisation) and Intrinsic Security (ie: Carbon Black). While this is certainly not an exhaustive list, it can be seen that VMware can offer businesses a complete unified digital infrastructure solution, and the most compelling aspect of this solution is the common skillset required.


If you haven’t implemented a 2021 solution for the new working normal, or you’re not happy with the solution you currently have, why not talk to us at SureSkills. We offer everything VMware as a complete business solution, including great training, consultancy, support and even implementation on premises.


SureSkills is the only (VATC) VMware authorized Training Centre in Ireland, and together we can help your business become a more resilient, streamlined organisation for 2021.


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