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Promoting Your Company's Culture and Values for Tech Talent Attraction

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Attracting talent, and especially tech talent has never been tougher. Unemployment figures are among the lowest that they’ve been, and analysis suggests that the economy is at full employment. It is expected that the labour market will remain strong and that bottlenecks with supply may continue in the near-term. More than ever before, it’s a candidate’s job market, with potential employees able to pick and choose who they might work for.

Given this scenario, the culture of the firm is a key point for consideration for tech candidates. Younger generations seek to work at organisations with specific cultural elements. For example, they want to work at companies that are diverse, inclusive, transparent, ethical and where there is care for employee wellbeing. They look for values that align with theirs, and cultural fit. So how can organisations promote the company culture and values to attract tech talent? The reality is that this can be achieved in a multitude of ways that all support one another at various stages of recruitment, such as:

In recruitment materials – make sure the basics are right across all of the recruitment materials including the job advertisement, job description, person specification and the company’s careers/jobs page on its website. Read everything through and consider what these materials say about the company and its culture. Does it highlight points that may be most attractive to potential tech candidates? Is it consistent? If not, it may be time for a rework. Concentrate on both the culture and the values to best attract tech candidates who will be a good cultural fit.

During interviews – the interview itself is a great time to promote the company culture. However, note that this will be done through both what is said and behaviour. The way that the candidate is treated during the interview process will speak volumes about the company culture. Communicating transparently and showing respect, as well as ironing out any ambiguity is important. Also, being clear on expectations will highlight culture and values. Again, make sure what is said is consistent with behaviour.

Throughout the recruitment process – the entire process of recruitment and selection will offer insight into the company culture. If candidates are not kept informed, or if the time to offer is lengthily, this will in itself communicate messages about culture and values that might not be very desirable. Removing any ambiguity will help and ensuring that the process shows respect for the candidate is critical.

During onboarding – don’t drop the ball at the onboarding stage. If new employee expectations are not met, they may become disengaged and leave. The onboarding process needs to demonstrate the same culture and values that the candidate was “sold” during the recruitment process.

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