Pivot with Purpose: How Framebridge Survived to Serve

Pivot with Purpose - How Framebridge Survived to Serve
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Before Covid-19, Framebridge made affordable custom frames with high quality craftsmanship and free shipping. As a small startup, they were hit hard. They closed their brick-and-mortar stores and drastically scaled back their production.

It wasn’t looking good.

Then, an employee had a breakthrough: they could use their resources (typically used for cutting industrial strength acrylic) to make face shields. Framebridge transformed their manufacturing facility and began producing thousands of face shields, which are now being sold at cost to essential, frontline workers battling the worst of the Coronavirus.

They pivoted with purpose.

Today’s employees need purpose. To know their job matters. To know they are contributing to a social good. And studies show that employees with a sense of purpose are more engaged and more likely to be committed to a company long-term. (Imagine the pride employees of Framebridge – and other companies like them – can feel when they show up or sign on for work).

When the dust settles, we will look back at how companies responded to the crisis. How they adapted. How they evolved. How they pivoted.

Not all companies can do what Framebridge did. And there are obvious limitations of budget and resources.

But maybe this giant reset button will help organizations think about and redefine what matters most to them and their people.


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