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PeopleCert, ITIL & PRINCE2 Q&A

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Thousands of clients have taken ITIL & PRINCE2 exams with SureSkills and thousands more will in the future. We are 100% committed to our clients and will continue to support them to meet their Training & Certification objectives. We continue to work hard to improve the workings of our partners and vendors – in this regard we have detailed here a short Q&A to outline our relationship with PRINCE2, ITIL & PeopleCert and what we are doing to improve the services they offer to you our customers.

Q: What is the relationship between SureSkills, PRINCE2, ITIL & PeopleCert.
A: SureSkills is a reseller of certifying body PeopleCert. So if you want to take an official exam with PeopleCert (for ITIL or PRINCE2) you can book with SureSkills or directly with PeopleCert.

Q: What courses do SureSkills do that PeopleCert own or manage?
A: We deliver training on ITIL & PRINCE2 & PRINCE2 Agile to name just two three of the many certifications that PeopleCert own and manage.

Q: Have I a better chance of passing the exams with SureSkills?
A: We are very successful at delivering this training for clients. In fact, SureSkills is one of the top 10 training partners for PeopleCert in the wider region (Irl, Uk & Nordics) by volume and our quality – our scores are 4.8 stars on Google Reviews.

Q: PeopleCert is getting an average Trustpilot score of 3.1 out of 5 stars. Why is this?
A: Recently there have been some challenges for our clients/delegates when they go to take the certifying exam on the PeopleCert platform. Mostly relating to the proctoring software. Navigating the registration process and the online proctoring system can cause some access issues with technology. SureSkills has a team of administrator and technicians to help when the need arises.

Q: Do the issues with PeopleCert affect SureSkills and the training admin team?
A: Yes, we sometimes have frustrated customers ask us to help to address their  issues with PeopleCert. That’s why we have developed the support pack to advise customers of the pitfalls and how to plan in advance to overcome any potential issues. If all else fails please call us to advise and or intervene. 

Q: Have we not told PeopleCert that some are experiencing a poor service?
A: Our PeopleCert partner manager has taken all our feedback to the PeopleCert leadership. Especially that which was given with regard to their response to the Covid pandemic, theior Exam Booking processes and the Exam Proctoring Software issues. 

Q: Can SureSkills not use another provider?
A: No. PeopleCert, now owns the Aexlos brand that includes PRINCE2 & ITIL. If you want ITIL or PRINCE2 certification – we (SureSkills and our customers) can only go through PeopleCert. 

Q: What is SureSkills doing to address these issues?
A: We are a close-knit team in SureSkills and have developed clear advance instructions to help all delegates and customers. We are keen to point out that the experience that you may have with PeopleCert is rarely within our control and want to assure you that we are doing everything we can to make this as easy to navigate as possible.

Remember, please let us know if you are having issue and we will be happy to help. 


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