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New to Virtual Instructor Led Training? Watch how SureSkills deliver world class online training


VILT, which stands for virtual instructor-led training, is virtually hosted via
a webinar instead of a physical classroom delivery. SureSkills hosts these
sessions via Cisco WebEx or Microsoft Teams platforms but can also work
with clients using other platforms such as Zoom.

Reach a global audience and provide training interventions that are agile to the needs of your dispersed learners. VILT provides a powerful medium for learning delivery it is often under-utilized in many organizations. Virtual training and the use of a platform like Facebook Live, Zoom, Teams, WebEx, Adobe Connect etc. has many benefits:

  • Virtual training allows for obvious cost savings. Travel time and expenses can be dramatically reduced.
  • Virtual sessions take less time out of the learner’s workday and provide a variety of learning outlets for enhanced engagement.
  • VILT can deliver organizational benefits that go beyond budgeting, such as an ability to act as a connection point among geographically dispersed colleagues. When VILT sessions are effective, workers become more familiar and comfortable, which can help to build frameworks for them to work together virtually in situations outside of training, allowing for its adoption and use in more ways.

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