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Why Learning in the Flow of Work is Here to Stay

Learning in the flow of work is more relevant than ever. 

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It’s three years to the day since Josh Bersin coined the term “Learning in the Flow of Work” in an article outlining a paradigm shift in how we deliver learning programs.

In his article, he explains how the 200 billion dollar learning industry is moving towards “moment of need training,” allowing learners to access short learning content while working. This shift would increase productivity and engagement while making training more applicable in role.

In the three years since, learning in the flow of work has become the standard for elite learning programs – here are some reasons why:

Learners want control

In the past, content was pushed to learners with completion requirements, but in today’s world, learners want to feel included in the learning process. Better still, they want to be empowered to orchestrate the journey themselves, taking control of their skill acquisition in a way that enables them to thrive in their roles, and in their careers.

An organization that emphasizes learning in the flow of work exposes learners to a kind of choose-your-own-adventure approach to learning, laying down potential paths, but ultimately acting as a guide on the side. This boosts learner autonomy and increases the senses of ownership learners have over their personal and professional development.

Everything is “Always on”

Product cycles used to be measured in months and years – today it’s days and weeks. That means we live in an iterative world where everything is always on, always being updated, always on the move.

There is simply no time to pause for five- or two-day training events, dropping everything to attend a one-size-fits-all event in which the learning content could be obsolete quicker than ever.

Learning in the flow of work makes it easier for learners to learn on their own time, finding information when they need it or engaging learning material when it suits them.

Learners want to be a part of a learning culture

Learning in the flow of work has shifted the emphasis in learning programs from creating content to creating conditions in which learning takes place. Organizations now must facilitate dynamic learning experiences in which learners feel part of a larger learning culture.

Great learning programs offer not just learning in the flow of work but coaching too. Real time feedback and consistent mentoring helps people become more efficient learners by building effective learning processes and providing guidance and feedback along the way.

Learners want access to a dynamic learning ecosystem

Learning technology has evolved in leaps and bounds in recent years, becoming more effective at using AI and machine learning to recommend the right content in the right place at the right time. This means learning in the flow of work is more practical than ever.

However, organizations need to choose the right technology to empower their people, then integrate that technology into their complex environments. The challenge for learning programs is to balance quick wins with ongoing success, giving their people access to a wide variety of learning opportunities such as articles, podcasts, videos, collaborative projects, mentoring, and many more.

User experience needs to be as simple as possible, minimizing the number of places employees must go to find their learning. By integrating leading learning technology like Edcast and Cornerstone with collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Facebook etc., learners have knowledge at the fingertips in their everyday working environment.

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