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ITIL® 4 Extension Modules

ITIL® 4 Extension Modules

SureSkills are excited to announce the ITIL® 4 Extension Modules as part of the ITIL 4 certification scheme. These certifications extend the main ITIL 4 framework and provide organizations with the guidance to address and harness the challenges and opportunities presented by emerging technologies and themes that affect their operations.

The extension modules, the ITIL 4 Specialist: Acquiring & Managing Cloud Services, and the ITIL 4 Specialist: Sustainability in Digital & IT, will launch in late November 2021. SureSkills will be adding these modules to our public schedule from January 2022.

  • ITIL 4 Specialist: Acquiring & Managing Cloud Services
  • ITIL 4 Specialist: Sustainability in Digital & IT

These modules will allow individuals to learn about ITIL concepts, understand relevant ITIL 4 guidance, and enable career development opportunities in Cloud Services and Sustainability in Digital and IT.

More specifically:

  • ITIL 4 Specialist: Acquiring & Managing Cloud Services

Using the ITIL framework, this module provides vendor-neutral, user-centric guidance on developing a practical understanding of how cloud procurement and technology can integrate with and support broader business strategy and functions.

It explores the concept of the ‘cloud services user journey,’ which aligns key ITIL concepts such as guiding principles and the service value chain to provide a holistic view and understanding of the entire procurement lifecycle.

  • ITIL 4 Specialist: Sustainability in Digital & IT

This module explores how service organisations may address sustainability challenges concerning their digital and IT strategies, tactics, and operations, focusing on ITIL’s Service Value Chain and ITIL practices.

The module highlights key sustainability competencies and capabilities that service organisations should develop and guides how to build capacity within their teams to manage sustainability challenges effectively.

A closed book multiple-choice question examination will assess both modules. In addition, the “ITIL 4 Specialist: Sustainability in Digital & IT” module will also include case study assignments as part of the assessment process.

For more information, please get in touch with us at info@sureskills.com to talk to a member of the Training & Certification team.



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