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Interested and want to learn more about VMware on AWS?

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Have you considered running VMware on the AWS Cloud…?

There are three very significant reasons for considering running your VMware infrastructure on AWS Cloud, namely :-

  1. Cost of managing and maintaining your own Data Centre.
    1. AWS Cloud is a utility billing system,  if you’re not using resources,  you’re not being charged and VMware Cloud on AWS is available for use: On demand (Pay-As-You-Go),  or as a reserved capacity subscription model (available as 1 year or 3 year subscription).
  2. The Cost of Investing in more hardware resources for short term use case scenarios.
    1. If you need additional resources for upcoming projects that may be of a short duration – then purchasing resources is expensive and can only be depreciated over time (this means a high TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for the project)
  3. Time to Provision.
    1. Traditionally, provisioning servers takes both time and (human) resources – with AWS Cloud, automation becomes easy to implement. Managing your Hybrid cloud (VMware and AWS) is transparent to your Systems Operators and your data moves seamlessly over a Layer 2 network. 

Why not try out just how easy running VMware on AWS can be and gain a deeper understanding of the Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC) for yourself with a Hands-on-Lab. Experience how Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) can benefit your organisation:

Interested and want to learn more about VMware on AWS (such as Other Use Cases, Pricing, and Answers to all your Questions (FAQ’s))  then this is the url for you:



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