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Exciting News: PRINCE2 7th Edition Has Arrived with SureSkills!

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Exciting News: PRINCE2 Has Arrived with SureSkills! Get Ready to Elevate Your Project Management Skills

We are delighted to announce that PRINCE2 7th Edition, one of the world's most renowned project management methodologies, has officially arrived at SureSkills. We're excited to bring you the latest updates and enhancements, with our first PRINCE2 7th Edition delivery scheduled for December. Here's a glimpse of what's new:

  1. People: The previous version was structured around what is known as the 4 integrated elements of Principles, Themes (now called Practices), Processes, and Tailoring to suit the project environment. In the 7th Edition a 5th integrated element has been added called People. Because projects introduce change, this will affect people in their business as usual or normal operational activities therefore the success of any project is dependent on the capabilities of the project team, and the strength of their relationships with the people who will be impacted by that change. This People integrated element therefore provides guidance on the management of those relationships.
  2. Sustainability: The 6th Edition talked about the 6 aspects of project performance that need to be managed for a project to be successful, the 6 being Time, Cost, Quality, Scope, Benefits & Risk. In the Prince2 7th Edition a 7th aspect of project performance has been added called Sustainability. Sustainability is a major concern in the real world today, therefore the business is likely to have sustainability objectives and commitments that the project needs to adhere or contribute too. The 7th edition addresses this as one of the target areas that needs to be managed, and is included through the defining of role responsibilities, documentation such as plans & reports, it is incorporated into various Practices such as the Business Case practice, and some processes such as including activities to confirm sustainability requirements are been met.
  3. Digital & Data: To meet the evolving needs of Project Management Professionals a Digital & Data Management Approach has now been added. The purpose of this is to define –
  1. How digital technology will be used to support project management and project work.
  2. How data and information will be created used and managed across the project ecosystem, lifecycle, and beyond.

Our First PRINCE2 7th Edition delivery will be on the 11th of December

Mark your calendars because our first PRINCE2 7th Edition training delivery is just around the corner! In December, you'll have the opportunity to dive into the latest edition of PRINCE2 with our expert trainers. Whether you're new to PRINCE2 or looking to upgrade your skills, this is an opportunity you won't want to miss.

Thank you for choosing SureSkills as your partner in training, certification and professional development.

For inquiries or more information, please contact us at info@sureskills.com


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