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Did you know multi-cloud adoption to increase by 89%?

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Cloud transformation is an integral part of digital transformation, so making multi-cloud environment as streamlined and flexible as possible is crucial. In addition, with data in multiple locations, availability and instant recoverability from anywhere become more critical in the IT infrastructure. Let’s discuss a few ways to make it easier for your customers to achieve their cloud transformation goals with the right data protection solution. 

For starters, a solution that provides the industry’s broadest workload coverage will eliminate the complexity of having to manage multiple solutions. As IT and enterprise data management evolve, a recurring pattern of innovation and the shift towards modern workloads leaves enterprise IT environments with a wide range of workloads to manage. 

Commvault provides breadth and depth of workload coverage to ensure that customers always have enterprise-level coverage for all workloads, including their legacy data and next-generation workloads like containers and SaaS. Conversely, an environment that can’t support all workloads creates complex, siloed operations where it becomes necessary to manage multiple point solutions to achieve the comprehensive coverage needed. This approach adds complexity to their environment that can be difficult to manage – leading to inefficiencies, vulnerabilities, and higher costs. 

The second important consideration is a solution with a flexible delivery model that allows customers to consume based on their business needs now and, in the future, – whether the data is in the cloud, SaaS, or on-prem. It is necessary to consume, deploy, and scale the solution according to the business needs. Some solutions don’t cover the data both on-prem and in the cloud. And those solutions can create lagging performance, long procurement cycles, and significant downtime. What’s more, if a solution can’t cover the data at the edge, your customers could be waiting days for a restore. A viable solution must accommodate their migration to the cloud and continuous data growth. 

This means having support for a multi-cloud environment is imperative to stay competitive and achieve data agility and availability goals. Customers need a solution that works with everything, no matter where it lives. Being locked into certain cloud or storage providers is costly to transition from and could keep them from modernizing their environment – forcing them to stay with outdated systems. 

Even as data volumes grow, Commvault customers confidently manage their growth through the platform’s ability to automate tasks for data management processes. Smart automation allows our customers to migrate workloads between clouds and move them back on premises when needed, while meeting the SLAs. It also frees their IT team to continue innovating and improving their environment. Without this level of smart automation and flexibility, inefficiencies result in cumbersome manual migration tasks, missed SLAs, and human error. 

Protect data – No matter where it lives

Enterprise-level security is top of mind for everyone. Commvault’s end-to-end solution improves threat and risk mitigation across all endpoints and applications. One dashboard lets customers do everything — automate, scale and optimize their entire data landscape. Without complete visibility into the environment, customers won’t have confidence that they are prepared for the inevitable issues and threats that hit organizations every day, such as ransomware attacks. Commvault provides complete visibility across entire data environment – whether that is on-prem or in cloud, so customers can quickly identify their risk exposure and drive proactive remediation actions to keep data secure. 

The Power of AND 

With the Power of AND - our unified data management platform spans on-prem, cloud, and hybrid environments, so that customers no longer have to pick and choose what part of their environment is protected. Customers can now mix and match our enterprise software, appliances, AND Metallic® portfolio of SaaS-delivered cloud-native solutions to protect and manage all their data – regardless of where it lives or how it’s structured. The Power of AND gives them the flexibility with less complexity and risk – wherever they are on their cloud journey. Whichever solutions they choose, customers will get the same automated data management and consistent, simplified user experience — powered by Commvault. As companies move to adopt a cloud strategy, managing data on premises and in the hybrid cloud can be burdensome and challenging. That’s where Commvault HyperScale X (HSX) comes in. 

HyperScaleX is a scale-out integrated solution available as a Commvault-branded appliance or as a validated reference architecture for use with existing hardware. It’s feature includes simple setup, management, and protection for all the workloads at scale and trusted security, immutability, and resiliency with built-in ransomware protection. 

Combining HSX with the Power of AND brings the best of both worlds. As companies move to the cloud and adopt SaaS, managing data on premises has become the new edge. By putting compute and storage closer to the on-premises backup source, customers can accelerate recovery times and lower costs while still reaping the simplicity and flexibility benefits of a SaaS-delivered backup solution – those benefits being immediate deployment, speed of recovery, automatic updates, no backup infrastructure to manage, and a flexible subscription model. 

Efficiently manage multi-cloud data

When migrating data to the cloud, it’s not uncommon to move more data than is required. Moving this unwanted data, specifically redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data, results in increased migration SLAs, higher data risks, increased storage costs, and more burden on the IT team. Commvault® File Storage Optimization helps customers to easily identify and exclude ROT data before their migrations. From the same single user interface used for backup and recovery tasks, they can now have the power to streamline their migrations, efficiently and rapidly moving the right data to where it needs to be. There are dos and don’ts when choosing a data protection solution for the multi-cloud data. 

Protect your customers from making the costly mistake and do look to Commvault for a solution that will achieve all their dos in one solution. The entire Commvault portfolio is already integrated, providing them with a unique Power of AND. It’s what gives them the unique ability to manage hybrid cloud workloads, identity and mitigate data risks, and, at the same time, manage cloud-native workloads – all seamlessly across a unified customer experience. 


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