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5 Ways to Optimize your Data Strategy

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Learn how to create a strong data foundation for AI.

  1. Align your data and business strategies.
    Act as a change agent to champion data literacy across the business. Gain buy-in and support from your organization’s leaders to create a data-driven culture. Fuse people, process, and technology to make your enterprise AI-ready.

  2. Build the right teams.
    Hire new employees and train existing employees with the right skills to help quickly scale data initiatives. Ensure all roles—data architects, data engineers, data analysts and data scientists—work together to establish a standard of data observability and trust.

  3. Enable your teams to use self-service data.
    Provide the right tools for real-time, self-service data ingestion, access, and analysis so that your team can focus on operation-alizing AI. Through self-service data usage, they can be agile and focused on outcomes that help uncover insights and drive fast response to market changes.

  4. Ensure data is governed.
    Adopt a metadata policy to help standardize data usage across your organization and ensure that data is fit for purpose. Have the right tools that embed automated governance of data into processes to ensure that data is consistent and used as needed, helping minimize risk and improve compliance.

  5. Adopt the right technology.
    Implement a centralized data and AI solution that is open by design and fully integrates and automates the end-to-end data lifecycle. Look for a solution that simplifies access to data,
    such as a data fabric architecture approach. Adopt tools that work together to reduce complex data processes and drive transformation initiatives.

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