Push the first domino.

Want to be a learning leader? Push the first domino. 

A 2-inch domino can knock over another domino 1.5 times its size.

Line up more dominoes, each 1.5 times larger than the last, and the 12th domino would be 15 feet tall. The 17th would dwarf the statue of liberty. The 19th would overshadow the Empire State Building. The 50th would knock over a domino the size of the distance between the earth and the moon.

Small actions create chain reactions.

Learning one new thing won’t make you a genius. But a commitment to lifelong learning transforms you (and probably those around you).

Learning compounds.

With an uncertain future ahead of us, learning is more important than ever. Learn to comfort. Learn to adapt. Learn to evolve. Learn to grow.

If you want to build (or nurture) a learning culture around you, push the first domino.

Ask someone what they’re learning. Share a podcast. Give a book. Start a conversation. 

Inspire your kids, your family, your friends, your colleagues, your community.

You can be a learning catalyst.

All you have to do…

…is push the first domino. 


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